Rebuild the Dana 36 Limited-Slip Differential

Chapter 10 from 1957 CORVETTE RESTOMOD by Steven E. Michael
Author Steven E. Michael walks you through the entire restoration and build process of a 1957 RestoMod.

Using the 1957 Corvette as the starting point, the chassis is upgraded with C4 Corvette (year 1996) suspension and steering components.  Add a 1999 Corvette LS1 power plant and Tremec T56 manual overdrive transmission, and this will be one potent hot rod.

Written for the beginner, by a beginner, the chapters speak in easy to understand language and take extra care in explaining the intricacies of restoring and modifying the C1 Corvette.

Each chapter has detailed color photos with pointers to help illustrate exactly what to look for and what to do.  Unlike any other car manual you have ever seen, this book will take the fear factor out of Corvette hot rodding.

Chapter 10 has complete instructions on how to rebuild the Dana 36 limited-slip differential for C4 Corvettes.  Highly detailed and easy to understand, this chapter explains the best way to disassemble, inspect, and reassemble this vital component of the drivetrain.

With 25 pages and 65 color photos, this chapter provides specific steps on how to rebuild your Dana 36 LSD, and without the use of expensive shop tools.  Each step explains where the parts are and what their jobs are as it transfers power from the engine to the pavement.

The chapter also points out what to look for in worn or damaged parts.  Organization of the work area and your safety are always stated and shown to you.

Written for beginners, by a beginner, it is unlike any other repair manual because it talks in your language - not over your head. This is a must for all do-it-yourselfers!

NEW!  Chapters are now packaged for the front and rear of the C4 Corvette - and at discounts from single chapter purchases!
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