How to Play Baseball Outfield

“I don’t like them fellas who drive in two runs and let in three.”     Casey Stengel

“We should remember that with everything there is in the game of baseball, the thing there’s most of is outs.  That makes it pretty important to catch the ball and know what to do with it after you’ve caught it.”                      Bill Rigney

“Outfield is the hardest position to play.  It takes great concentration.  Balls don’t come to you often, but you must tell yourself that every pitch that is thrown is going to be hit to you.”                 Willie Stargell


  • Defense
  • The Outfield
  • About this Book
  • Additional Thoughts
Fielding Fly Balls
  • Proper Glove Position
  • Get Behind the Ball
  • Fly Ball Drills
Running in the Outfield
  • Running Dynamics
  • Running Drills
  • Outfield Running
How to Get to and Play the Wall
  • Getting to the Wall
  • The Warning Track
  • Diving
  • No-Glove Situations
  • Team Defense Drills
Odds & Ends
  • Playing the Sun
  • The Outfield Glove
  • Optimum Player per Position
  • Drop a Fly Ball on Purpose
  • Wearing the Uniform
  • Big League Mistakes
  • Best Catch – Ever!
  • How to Deal with Errors
  • Wrap-Up
Ground Ball Fielding
  • Fielding Ground Balls
  • Catching Ground Balls
  • Fielding Drills
Throwing Basics
  • Hand & Arm Positions
  • Shoulder Alignment
  • Separation
  • Delivering the Throw
  • Building Arm Strength
  • The Cut-Off Man
Jumps, Reads, & Angles
  • Getting Good Jumps
  • Reads
  • Angles
  • Drills
Defense & Communication
  • Outfielder Backups
  • Field Priorities
  • Outfield Communication
  • Defensive Schemes