About Chapter 7

Rebuilding C4 Rear Brakes

In this chapter, the brake and hub assemblies we removed in Chapter 6 are broken down and rebuilt.  From disassembly, to cleaning, to rebuilding with all new parts, this chapter’s 34 steps and 89 detailed photos provide you with clear instructions for safe and reliable restoration.

It starts by listing the tools you’ll need, both required and optional.  The optional tools make the job easier, but they are listed as optional for budget’s sake.

The workspace is then defined for a safe and easy job. 

1957 Corvette RestoMod Chassis Build Instructions


To start, the components of the hub and brake assemblies are identified for you.   

How to check the hub for excessive runout is illustrated – runout is a bad wobble when the hub is turning.  A special gauge is used to measure any wobble and acceptable tolerances are described for you.

Then the steps necessary to disassemble the hub and rear brakes are described and illustrated with photos.

The second section of the chapter deals with rebuilding the brake calipers.  These hydraulic components are pivotally important for a reliable and safe braking system.  As one racer told me, “Going fast is great, but stopping is better.”

All kits and replacement parts are identified by both part number and retail sources.

Hub axle yoke of the C4 Corvette rear suspension

 Since my hub was within runout tolerance, and turned with no noise, there was no reason to remove the hubs from the rear steering knuckle.  The three torx bolts above fasten the hub to the knuckle.

All pieces of the rear brake assembly (right) are identified for you by photos with specific pointers to each piece.

Next, the assembly is taken apart paying particular attention to the sequence of procedures and the tools used.

Once disassembled, I give you methods to restore the re-usable parts back to nearly new condition.

At every step, this chapter helps you understand what to look for if any of the pieces are damaged or excessively worn and need replacement.

PBR Australia made the C4’s calipers and their rebuild kits are available at Autozone.  That’s right, Corvette brakes were made “Down Under”!

C4 Corvette rear brake caliper assembly

Ceramic compound brake pads are by Raybestos and were picked up online at Rock Auto.

The caliper bodies were treated to new high-temp black paint using the G2 system from Eastwood.  This paint is guaranteed not to flake or burn (calipers get VERY hot) and its application was very easy.

Finally, I sprung for performance brake hoses made by Russell (an Edelbrock company) which I bought online from Summit Racing.  Also from Summit were new slotted and drilled brake rotors – look very good don’t they?

All beginners have to start somewhere, and my book speaks directly to the novice hot-rodder of Corvettes.

Restored rear caliper assembly on C4 Corvette

 Restored rear C4 Corvette brakes